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While divorce is a stressful and difficult period in your life, it is important to remember that it is not the end of the world. More than one million couples every year will experience a divorce. If legal separation is necessary, you can successfully navigate through it with the protection of a legal advocate you can trust. Our primary divorce attorneys in Midland, Texas are experienced in handling all aspects of a divorce including child custody, child support issues, and the division of property in the Midland and Ector County Courts. From your initial consultation through the resolution of your case, our attorneys will analyze all issues, address all of your options and alternatives and focus on your goals to tailor a resolution for your family.

In the event you decide legal separation is right for you, or your spouse is thrusting it upon you, take a deep breath, attempt to relax, and involve your legal representative as early in the process as is possible. This will help prevent you from making mistakes that could impact child custody, your relationship with your children, communication with your spouse, fair division of property, and your financial future.

When faced with a divorce or custody, you may ask the following questions:
    • Does gender make a difference in child custody cases? No, gender is not to be considered by the Court. The standard the Court must use is “best interests of the child.”
    • How does the Court distribute marital property? Texas is a community property state; however, a 50-50 division of property is not required. The Court awards the marital estate according to the standard, “just and right.”
    • How does the Court determine child support? There are statutory guidelines established by the Texas Legislature for the Court to follow when calculating child support. The Court considers such factors as income and earning potential of the parties, housing costs, age and needs of the children and marital property settlements.
    • Do I have to pay alimony? Texas uses the term “spousal maintenance” to describe what most people refer to as alimony. Spousal maintenance is ordered only in limited circumstances, but may be available to some parties.
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Modifications ARE Attainable With the Support of a Skilled Attorney:As long as you can demonstrate a significant change in circumstances, a court will usually grant a modification to your existing divorce order. Our attorneys will fully analyze the facts of your case and aggressively assert your rights with articulate and compelling arguments for any necessary modifications. When you and your family face a change in circumstances, contact an attorney who can effectively assert your rights and your need for a post-divorce modification of a support or custody order.

Child Support Modifications

Any time after a child support order is issued, a change in circumstances may require where you seek and obtain a child support modification. Change in circumstances such as a job loss, prolonged illness or injury, disease or the needs of your child may require that you seek an increase in child support payments or a decrease in your child support obligations. Our attorneys are experienced in examining and analyzing the facts of your case and presenting compelling reasons to the court to grant a modification of your child support order.

The Solution to Escalating Child Support Payments

Do not wait to seek a child support modification. Failing to pay child support results in severe penalties, including jail time. Don’t face penalties because your child support payments have gotten out of hand. Contact us now to regain control over your unmanageable payments with a child support modification.

Child Custody and Visitation Modifications

Following a divorce, a child or parent’s lifestyle or needs may change. This may involve a move out of state, a child’s preference or a parent’s inability to care for a child. An existing visitation schedule may not work with a parent’s new job. Regardless of the circumstances, you may be entitled to custody or visitation modification arrangement.

Spousal Maintenance Modifications

In addition to child support or custody modifications, you may also be able to either increase your spousal support payments or decrease your obligations based on a change in circumstances. Call 432-683-2703 to learn more about spousal maintenance modifications and how they can benefit you.


When you are seeking to enforce an existing order, we can assist you regarding child custody enforcement or support obligation enforcement related to child or spousal support if payments are in arrears.

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